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Marlborough Folk

Rock Salt Peppers Truffle Oil Mushrooms Red Onion ….. Bananas You know when you are in the Marlborough branch of Waitrose when you find a list like this. ROCK SALT????? TRUFFLE OIL??? What kind of a lunch is that, I … Continue reading

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Margot Leadbetter

As I wandered into waitrose the faint whiff of magnolia abounded and I thought I saw a shimmer of chiffon as a lady not unlike our dear Margot waltzed away leaving me with this delight. She’s bloody posher than the … Continue reading

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Tom ate Toes

A beautiful symphony to the liberal, guardian reading, sandal wearing people of the world. But, as you may have spotted, all is not well. Unfortunately Mrs Mung Bean might not be all she seems. Tomatoe? TOMATOE? I imagine she gorges … Continue reading

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Why on earth would you separate your liquid items and your solid items? They all go to make a turd after all (all be it a rather meaty lamb chop based turd): EDIT: Bugger, as it turns out I am … Continue reading

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Pointy Cabbage

I think a northerner has wandered in to my local Waitrose by mistake. Poor fellow trying to fit in by ordering ‘Anchorvies’ and what he imagines to be posh greens like ‘Pointy cabbage’. He clearly lets himself down when it … Continue reading

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