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Number Nutter

1 ) James Wellbeing 2 ) Wine 4 ) Coffee 5 ) Flowers 6 ) Kitchen Towel 7 ) Floor Cleaner 8 ) Toilet Duck 9) Remember about the number 3 10) Profit Advertisements

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1 Title of Post, 1 Image of Shopping List.

1 BOTTLE LEMONADE 1 MEDICINE 1 CHICKEN SOUP 1 OXTAIL SOUP 2 PINTS MILK 1 GINSTERS PASTY WENSDAY It worries me deeply that a man who has to write the quantity of things required when they are below 2. This … Continue reading

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In two minds

Evil Side Wedges Pizza Scorn Peppers Good Side Salad Coleslaw Ice Cream P cake Start looking for this nutter on the rolling news now!

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Scruffy bastard

  Mash Pot Piza £1 Coins Dog Food White Sliced Beans J.P Tuna 2 Milk Tuna Shuffling along with his fecal stained grey joggers on, Craig is a scruffy sight. Poor bugger can’t even remember if he put Tuna on … Continue reading

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Calpol Wet wipes Milk Fags Bannanas

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Drugs and luckys

Wine Paper Strawberry milk Drugs Dressing Luckys Drugs, wine and luckys? Ladies watch out this particular mentalist is hitting town!

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Note to self: Breathe in and out

Look at this little idiot. He’s been sent to the shops by his overbearing mother with a freshly scrawled note. Ingredients fine, not a problem. It’s the subtext reminding little Bertie to drink water or else he will shrivel and … Continue reading

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2 Scenarios

Right, only two scenarios are possible here: 1. THERE’S BEEN A MURDER!! Uncle Lenny cuddled someone too hard again, so hard in fact that there’s blood on the windows, I think they forgot the lime to melt down the body. … Continue reading

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I dont like where this one is going. A small tub of pills, a crate of Becks lager and a last meal (small of course you wouldnt want too much mess)… Small Tub Pills Becks Meal — Small

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Trained Killer

Look at this mental. He starts with his lunch, a nice cheese sandwich perhaps, pops some saars in an envelope, fries up an omellette, seals the envelope with mace, has a boiled egg, addresses the envelope to his bitch of … Continue reading

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