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Number Nutter

1 ) James Wellbeing 2 ) Wine 4 ) Coffee 5 ) Flowers 6 ) Kitchen Towel 7 ) Floor Cleaner 8 ) Toilet Duck 9) Remember about the number 3 10) Profit Advertisements

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Safe and simple

Lettuce Special k Milk Cream Bread Steady on love, I know you’ve only got 4 years left but there’s no need to live like Keith bloody moon! Special k and lettuce? Is that to cover up for the pint of … Continue reading

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Dancing Peas

The sort of person that has dancing pea stationery is definitely the sort of person who buys presents for Wilbur and Mrs B. Nothing more to add to that: Butter Bread B.vinegar v/milk cornflakes Presents Wilbur MIss W Mrs B … Continue reading

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Spotty cry for help

Nothing says ‘menopause’ quite like this spotty paper. I can almost guarantee that the author of the list was wearing a gleaming set of multi coloured Doc Martens: Laundry Detergent Cornmeal Limes Canned Tomatoes Sour Cream Meatballs Pork Ribs Salad … Continue reading

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Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown, loves a bit of excitement. Clearly, I mean a can of lager, steady on love don’t pop a knocker: Butter Milk Cereals Ham Crisps A can of lager Silver foil Cheese

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