My father-in-law shared with me a discovery he made many years ago, a shopping list that read thus:

    • Spag bol
    • Red Wine
    • Condoms

    This was a man who knew exactly how he wanted his night to unfold. Since then I have been hooked.


    9 Responses to About

    1. Brian says:

      I’m glad to see someone else has the same hobby. Do you get strange looks when you collect the lists from the trolley racks, or I am just paranoidly imagining that?

    2. jamesramsden says:

      This is amazing. I started collecting lists about 6 months ago, and have since written an article on the subject for Fire & Knives magazine. Thrilled to find others doing the same. My favourite thus far said ‘Corrander’. That was it.

    3. shopinglist says:

      Anywhere I can see the article James? Love the Corrander list, a real beaut.

    4. jamesramsden says:

      It’s for issue 4 of Fire and Knives…not entirely sure when that’s out (not for a while, only just filed) but you can subscribe here – http://www.fireandknives.com/



    5. Mr Holmes says:

      Re: Ideas above his station.
      Sir, As the author of this particular shopping list I must protest most strongly at the slanderous suggestions you make upon my character !
      Firstly, I have to buy lots of kitchen towels (K Towel) at present due to a new puppy. Sainburys have a 2 for £3 deal, that equates to 50p a roll !
      M&S grapes are much firmer than those found gracing the shelves of Sainsburys.
      And if I was the “Posh Twat” you suggest I am would I really be buying Sainsburys (oven ready) chips? No I didn`t think so.
      P.S I never did get to the Bank.

    6. geniusnextdoor says:

      Oh wow! I found an amazing shopping list a few months ago and I thought I was the only person that would keep them! I’ve still got it in my coat pocket 😛

    7. June says:

      I too have been collecting lists for years. Has anyone read this wonderful US book – MILK EGGS VODKA grocery lists lost and found by BILL KEAGGY?
      I sort of dreamed of doing a uk one but I guess a load of us would need to collaborate…..

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