Note to self: Breathe in and out

Look at this little idiot. He’s been sent to the shops by his overbearing mother with a freshly scrawled note. Ingredients fine, not a problem. It’s the subtext reminding little Bertie to drink water or else he will shrivel and perish that I find objectionable, forgetful little twerp:

  • Yoghurt
  • Dbl Cream
  • Cake
  • Radish
  • Bread
  • Drink water
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3 Responses to Note to self: Breathe in and out

  1. GKK says:

    Maybe it is not “drink water”, but drink – as some alcohol, and water

  2. ? says:

    how do you know he doesnt mean hes going to buy something to drink?
    I write drink often when I want something, but not sure at the moment what.

  3. Brian-the-snailipop says:

    No it’s definitely a ‘note to self’. If you look very closely you can see the results of dehydration – they even spelt it wrong first time – ‘drink wotir’ and had to do a sneaky amendment’. Losing brain processing power is a side effect of not drinking enough water – which just proves the point that that’s actually what they meant to put on the list.

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