Grade A Sicko

As a dedicated father I hearby find the defendant guilty of pedocide and muderphiling.

Just the thought of this cold hearted elderly gentleman gently daubing the last bit of his Spag bol from his overly matted moustache, before preparing for his evenings ‘entertainment’ with a razor, baby wipes and a cheese slice is enough to turn your stomach:

  • Dinner
  • Wine
  • Paper
  • Spag Bol
  • Razors
  • Baby Wipe
  • Cheese Slice
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2 Responses to Grade A Sicko

  1. Maureen says:

    Saw you on B3ta. Great blog! Do you ever go shopping yourself and end up coming home with nowt but abandoned shopping lists?

  2. Brian-the-snailipop says:

    Or do you go shopping not knowing what you want but in the hope of finding a shopping list & buying everything on that list. Could make for an interesting dinner!

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